Windows 10 Internet

Test your knowledge about Internet on a Windows 10 computer.

The test contains 20 multiple choice questions. When you have finished answering the questions, click the View your results button at the bottom of this page. Your test results and the correct answers are shown immediately on your screen. With a score of sufficient or greater, you can receive the Computer Certificate by email if desired.

Good luck!

Test questions:

1. What is easy to do with the Reading list?

2. How do you view the bottom of a webpage when it does not fit inside the window?

3. How do you recognize a link or hyperlink on a webpage?

4. Which button can be used to renew or refresh a webpage in Microsoft Edge?

5. How do you maximize the Microsoft Edge window so it fills the entire screen?

6. Is it possible to create a new folder to save your favorite website?

7. Is it possible to create a shortcut to a website on the desktop?

8. Which button can be used to open a link in a new tab?

9. How do you enlarge the content of a webpage in Microsoft Edge?

10. How do you open the Favorites center?

11. How do you open a new blank tab in Microsoft Edge?

12. What happens if you click the Windows10Internet_EdgeVorige button in Microsoft Edge?

13. Which button can be used to close the Microsoft Edge program?

14. Which program can be used to visit websites in Windows 10?

15. How do you close a tab in Microsoft Edge?

16. Where can you find the webpages you have visited and saved?

17. Which button can be used to save a web address as a favorite in Microsoft Edge?

18. What can be done by clicking the Windows10Internet_EdgeWebnotitiemaken button? 

19. How do you set up your own homepage in Microsoft Edge?

20. What happens if you click Windows10Internet_Edgeminimaliseren in Microsoft Edge?

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