Test your knowledge of the operating system MacOS for the Mac with the following test.

The test contains 20 multiple choice questions. When you have finished answering the questions, click the View your results button at the bottom of this page. Your test results and the correct answers are shown immediately on your screen. With a score of sufficient or greater, you can receive the Computer Certificate by email if desired.

Good luck!

Test questions:

1. What happens when you click the  button in Mail?

2. The horizontal bar at the bottom of your Mac screen is called the Dock. What can you do with the Dock? 

3. What can you do with Finder ?

4. Can you restore files that have been deleted from the Trash?

5. What is a link in Safari?

6. Can you edit photos in Preview?

7. Which program can be used to play, build and manage your music collection on the Mac? 

8. What can you see at a glance in the Path bar ?

9. Which button do you use to create a bulleted list in TextEdit ?

10. What program can you use to surf the Internet on a Mac?

11. Can you create a new folder in an existing folder in Finder?

12. How do you completely close TextEdit?

13. How do you select the name of a file or folder to modify it?

14. Which button do you use to close a window?

15. How can you tell if a program is open in the Dock?

16. What is MacOS?

17. What can you do with ?

18. How do you open a small window with special characters while typing, for example ?

19. How do you safely remove a USB stick?

20. What can you do with the button in iTunes?

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